About SWAG

Mission Statement The Star Wars Artists' Guild (SWAG) exists to promote the development and unity of artists in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game community.

In pursuit of this, SWAG shall endeavor to provide a venue where SWRPG artists can exhibit their work, thereby helping create a library of high quality SWRPG art available to all members of the community for use in their own roleplaying games.

In addition, SWAG shall also endeavor to provide a means for members of the SWRPG community to contact various artists regarding specific requests for SWRPG-related art and similar exchanges.

Greetings from the Baron

For years the Star Wars Roleplaying Game has had a dedicated and prosperous online community. This has enabled players and Gamemasters from all over the world to come together to discuss, debate and even play the SWRPG.

For almost as long, there has been another faction of the online SWRPG community, weaving its way through various forums and e-mail groups and occasionally surfacing to lend aid and assistance to frustrated GMs and players.

SWRPG Artists.

Some were easy to find, showcasing their work on personal websites and fulfilling the occasional request of a disgruntled GM. Others trolled the community forums, searching for posted art requests like a mynock searching for a power cable.

A SWRPG Artist had no home, no community. Amidst a sea of countless Online Gaming sites and numerous e-mail lists, ironically, there was no place for SWRPG Artists to gather and share thoughts, ideas and opinions. Until now.

The Star Wars Artists' Guild (SWAG) was the brainchild of several SWRPG freelance Artists. After watching the forums and determining that there was a need and desire for an organization such as SWAG, these individuals set about developing an organization that would benefit not only the SWRPG community but SWRPG artists as well.

The process has taken some time, but thanks to the diligence of a hard working Webmaster and the dedication and tenacity of several SWAG Guild Members, we are now able to provide the community with this valuable resource.

As it has been from our humble beginnings, the goal of SWAG is to serve the SWRPG community. The Guild Artists of SWAG are as varied as their artistic styles. Hailing from countries all around the world, these artists have come together for the sole purpose of assisting other SWRPG players in the community with all of their artistic needs. From starships to scoundrels, every request made to SWAG is considered important and each artist strives to produce an original, high-quality piece of artwork that can be displayed with pride.

We thank you for visiting our site and providing us with the opportunity to serve your needs. It is our hope that you are able to come away with something that will aid you in your roleplaying adventures and provide you with enjoyment for years to come.


Bob Rodgers
Baron Administrator