Sandbox?... more like quicksand...

Gritty... that's the only word for it. I've been carrying on for a while now saying I'd get this thing back up and running, and one way or another, I'm going to, but it's a bit like being sand blasted. Little issues creeping up and assailing you until they wear you down to a smooth surface. Luckily, some surfaces can take a serious beating, and if I can get all the issues squashed once, then keeping them that way should be easy... should be. The last incarnation of SWAG had some ventilation shafts than needed addressing, and while I won't say that I've managed to get them all taken care of thus far, I think things are a bit more manageable.

With that in mind, I'm going to set up some guidelines for this sandbox of a site we've got here.

  1. This is a sandbox. That means that anything can change at any time. (including your password)
  2. Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed. Since the site is changing a lot, don't get used to anything, I'll eventually end up writing a how to on everything, but those won't exist until my workflow for things is all set.
  3. If you wish to play here as well, you can request a new password from the system and it'll email it to you. If your email address is old and busted, let me know and I'll try to take care of it for you, but the best thing to do would be to update it on the live swag site and it'll get imported in next time I pull users across.
  4. I already have image handling and galleries by user enabled and working. A lot of time and effort has gone into that and because of it, the workflow for it already exists. If you create a new image it will be dropped into the image approval queue. I'll check it from time to time, but no promises for anything regular.

With those guidelines set, feel free to play here. If you have issues you can leave a message in the swag forums and I'll try to get to you as I have time.