First Request done in 8 years!

Ok its a little less than 8 years if you count the months, and I must say, I enjoyed it thoroughly!
I must say whenever i look back on a peice of work i tend to see what id like to change as opposed to what I achieved. But with New years resolution Im gonna be both positive and critical!

I feel like I achieved a fantastic effect with the skin on the Selkath, though I struggled to get a shiny head but settled with this. Pretty much overall pleased with this peice of work, and look forward to doing more to this quality. Need some practice on clothing though, its never been my strong point.
Time to trawl through those old requests and find something to try and outdo myself.


Just so you know... No one can see it yet :( ... until it is up on the main page.

With the exception of yourself, because you submited it :) I look forward to seeing it.

Also, there is an option of loading pictures into blogs, if you would like to take advantage of it.