WIP: The Last Stand of Drif Lij


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Here's my WIP of the "The Last Stand of Drif Lij." Lij died during the Battle of Coruscant, when Yuuzhan Vong forces attacked. I thought it'd be cool to show some of the lesser-seen craft from the NJO: coralskippers, and the Bothan Attack Cruiser. I think I need to fill out the space battle though (difficult to do, without it looking to busy). Maybe some Vong ships, and a Mon Calamari MC90 Battleship?

Thoughts? Critiques? We've never seen what exactly the coralskippers project out of their cannon-mouths. I was thinking super-heated lumps of lava.

Oh, and I the Fleet Junkies have alerted me that the BAC's lasers should be red, not green. Oops.


I tried to work in some Kirby spots...you can see one exploding in the upper left. ;)

Check out the edited image, and let me know what you think! Hopefully I only have one more pass at this...just the Jedi...to finish. I'm worried it looks too cluttered...but it is supposed to be a chaotic battle. Thoughts??



This picture is awesome! I think it would be cool if you added some more vong ships! I always though the skippers shot flaming rocks but the lava ideas cool.


Great work, Mazzic! I love the thick lines, the bold colors, the intense action and motion... I love everything!