Min Jukta

Min Jukta is the captain of the Min's Wind, a Licensed Privateering vessle (i.e. legal Pirate ship) that freely roams Imperial space looking for Rebel convoys.

Jukta was once a highly skilled and decorated starfighter pilot on his home planet of Minsasha. His species, the Min, have had numerous brutal wars with thier galactic neighbors, the Vourren. One of Min Jukta's missions was a complete failure. When an investigation was started, it appeared Min Jukta had turned traitor, nearly costing him his entire fighter wing. It also appeared that only the heroic actions of his subordinate, Min Tan, saved the rest of the pilots.

Min Jukta was enraged. He knew this was false, but could not prove it, so he was totally disgraced. He was banished from Minsasha, but remained under the thumb of the Min ruling council, who gave him strict orders not to exact revenge upon Min Tan who had mysteriously vanished.

Min Jukta was given the Min's Wind as a means to support himself. He was also given top secret orders, from the Min Supreme Chief, to find and kill Min Tan.