Sgt. Grim

Once this sildier was a Rebel Alliance infantryman with a very cloudy past. He was never much on charisma, but was a spot-on marksman and had uncanny strength and an unbelievable knack for data and numbers. When his health appeared to start failing, he was put on medical leave. While he looked worse by the day, he was suffering no other effects of illness.

As medical exams probed deeper, it was discovered that he was actually a prototype HRD, or Human Replica Droid. While his droid chassis was functioning perfectly, his living exterior was dying, resulting in his gaunt and cadaverous appearance. Further investigation revealed his origin to be a highly experimental and border-line illegal GR1-M gunnery droid.

His apprearance as walking death made it very hard for his fellow infantrymen to accept him. Because of his unigue talents, he soon found a new home as a commando in Nexu Squad under the code name of Sgt. Grim.