Kamet’rano’jura, or Tranoj, was schooled early on as a Jedi and later raised by the Aquavians of Mantithea upon his Master's death. Since he could not swim or fly as the Aquavians did, he turned to their other cultural passions of vibrobladesmithing and swordmanship. Tranoj became reknowned in both areas. He found he was also quite skilled at diplomacy and politics.

He felt quite a part of Aquavian society, but always yearned to return to the republic and finish his Jedi training. He carried his Master's inoperative lightsaber hilt with him, hoping to one day find the knowledge to rebuild it.

On a singularly important expedition, he found an ancient recording device in a Vourren ruin. He found that the device actually carried the life force of the Jedi Jordan Farseer, who had died in the hive's collapse some 300 years earlier. Farseer was able to appear to Tranoj in the form of a hologram, and thus helped Tranoj complete his Jedi training.



Whew! You've been busy! They all have great line work in my opinion. Can't wait to see them finished!