Asil Ryland - Female Human Tech

First half of a request from Lord Crumb for his own character and that of his good lady wife;

"Asil is a Tech with Lord Hoth's Army of Light during the war against the Brotherhood of Darkness. She is in charge of a top-notch team of techs responsible for communications and repair. Asil was assigned to Lord Crumb's force and the two hit it off and developed a relationship that would not go against the Jedi Council ruling on marriage. Although the battles for Ruusan took a toll on them both they still stuck it out with each other."


I'm pretty sure I mentioned recently that your tech was getting better. This particular picture is no exception :-) Better and better. Keep up the good work.


Lord Crumb

Thanks Mercy, she looks great. I know my wife is not into Star Wars as much as I am but I can show her a character I based on her and her technical exp. I like the colors, the background, and just everything about the pic.

-LCT :-)


Cool background. And I like the costume's greens. I've been a fan of that combination of greens since forever.


got ya wiv that one, merce, she does kinda remind of mira, WAASTHOOME, work, mercy



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