Just a friendly game...

Going through some relatively old sketches, I decided that I still liked this one enough to scan and perk up with a bit of colour!

This is from back in the days that Omega Squad was still working for the Empire, and we did a little bounty hunting for some extra cash on the side. One of our targets was a Shistavanen (I can't for the life of me remember what he was wanted FOR!), that our Twi'lek captain, Lonar, managed to track down and corner over a 'friendly' game of Sabacc at the local cantina.


Charming. I like the moment in time captured 'feel'. Is that a blob race, with hurdles on in the background? lol


Thanks guys!! And, haha, yeah, while Cap'n Lonar was doing most of the work, our beloved Ryn was betting on the blob races. We had a lot of laughs about that, so I couldn't help but include the blobs in the background there. XD


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