Twi'lek Dancer pinup

This was a pic I did a while ago, but was deemed a little to racey. So I have added some clothing and some veils and retouched the shading and face to give-her-a-go again. Hope you enjoy.


BIG, BIG Plusses!! Loving the sparklie fabric and the pose and the skin...

Might want to tone down the lighter spots on the teeth, or brighten them a bit more uniformly, because while I appreciate what you tried to do there, it gives the impression (atleast me) that she has bad teeth.

Otherwise gorgeous, very much like a painting.


LOL.....@ dred...her mouth is closed, it's glossy lipstick....thats all I see now...Gomer teeth


Really good job, might want to tighten up the edges of the white material, especially on the head-dress, but other than that great job. ;)
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I loooove the way you've dealt with the fabric! And her pose is FANTASTIC.

Oh, Twi'leks!!


Ahhhh! Sorry dude. Now that I look in it in a slightly 'different' way...I see that. Unfortunate placement of sparkles!


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