Huuurm and wip

Curiously the pictures I am trying to post are not showing up in my galley nor in the newest images gallery...yet after exploring they are in Rogue's gallery... I read the thing about the images disappearing and am thinking it is related... either way here is a wip of another rynn
Zikiri Romany



First of all... that is AWESOME!! Woo! I can't wait to see that piece finished!

And secondly... OMG! The Rogue's gallery-- so it looks like that's where the request I uploaded a while back ended up!? Hah. But still can't see the images that aren't 'mine'. How curious.


That is an AWESOME picture!!

Um... where can you find the Rogue's gallery?
Am I missing an integral part of SWAG??


You can find it under the 'Galleries' link-- I think any uploads with the 'Portrait' tagged end up in there automatically or something? And it seems like some uploads have been recognised there, even though they haven't actually been 'approved' (or whatever technical business it is that Eclipse does!!) for the main gallery yet.

Or something! Don't take my word for it, I only pretend to try and understand what goes on behind the scenes! ;)


OMG! There are pictures here I haven't seen at all!!

I was wondering, cause my one for Triss and Keiran hasn't turned up yet, but it's not there either so perhaps it's just taking a while...

Anyway, thanks hun!!