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"a picture of Ka'rta in a split panel picture. The top panel would have Ka'rta in her Mandalorian Armor with lots of dings, dirt, and sweaty. The bottom panel would have her dressed really really good. A dress split way up the thigh with a intricate design on it. I don't know a lot about womens clothing so I will that up to you as to how it would look. Elegant but sexy like she is attending some event or function on Coruscant or after an upscale bounty. Something that would blow Nath's boots off but keep it in the PG/PG-13 range. lol."

WIP here


Talk about an incredible piece!

Love the grungy Mando style on the right, and the very upscale classy evening wear on the right. I think you did some exceptionally lovely work on that veil and frilly decorative material she's wearing.

She definitely looks more comfortable on the left, wearing the Mando outfit like a second skin, and in the right - seems to be either quite down, or unsure what to do with herself while wearing that dress. At least looks like she's out of her element... And giving the viewer a very wary side-glance - yeah, I noticed that tiny little detail ;)

What's really cool is that the dress and the Mando outfit are pretty much the same color palette.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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Yeah, in agreement with TNJ- I loooove the matching colour schemes for the two different outfits! They lacey veil and ruffly bits on the skirt are pretty stunning, too... very pretty piece, this.

Lord Crumb

Backstory: Ka'rta was on a solo bounty that lead to jungle world where her ship was damaged and required some repairs. The bounty was able to call for rescue and leave the planet for Coruscant with Ka'rta still on the bounties trail. The bounty is the assistant to a senator and will be attending a gala event on Coruscant so Ka'rta has to break out her least used outfit and go to the party. Not normally accustomed to wearing such clothing it makes her a little uncomfortable but she will never let anything interfer with the capture of a bounty. During a speech made by the senator, the assistant moves to a side room for some covert exchanges when Ka'rta burst in and pulls out a can of "WHIP" on the ones assembled in the room. Bounty captured and turned in for the credits. Now to head home and meet up with the husband.

She turned out great. A Mandalorian and their armor are as one but she does clean up nice when the job calls for it. Thx Mercy,

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Hee hee! Glad you like guys!
I was trying for cool, sexy and un-approachable in the pretty dress, rather than uncomfortable! ;o) But I am still pleased with the result!


Very ewll done as always my friend. Love the color and detail work. :)
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Lord Crumb

You did great. I said "a little uncomfortable" because she is usually in her armor but she does like to dress it up from time to time. Also, we don't know what she wears around the homestead. Hint! Hint!

Hey Mercy, don't forget the hi-res copy to me.

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Loving the influx of awesome Mando'a art i've been needing some inspiration for a new NPC Great Pic Mercy

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