Ghazgrimm Thrakka, aka Ghaz (Request)

Name: Ghazgrimm Thrakka, aka Ghaz
Species: Gammorean/cyborg (we call him the cyborc, everyone else calls him Mr. Pig)
Cybernetics: one eye (red), one arm, both legs, everything below the waist.
Metal parts: skullcap, half his face (the side w/ the cyber-eye), lower jaw, one shoulder joint.
Meat parts: half his head (eye, ear, tusks implanted into metal jaw) neck, torso other than parts mentioned.
He usually wears a leather kilt and carries his Gammorean great axe.
He is a brilliant engineer who, due to a programming error in his inbuilt translator, speaks with a Cockney accent. He was caught in a massive explosion during an RP adventure and our resident medic/mad scientist turned him into what he is now.


Thanks. :) I had fun with him. :)
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Nicely done John! Very creative.

I'll have to second Lord Cygnus :)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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"Hey, a pig like that you don't eat all at once..."

Great job on the face. Skin texture looks moist and very real.