Fighter request [Lal-Khan]

I am trying to write a story for the Exodus Galaxy community and need an artist or three to assist in helping me create some fighter craft and capital ships for my characters and story plots. I would appreciate any help anyone here can provide.



Now, I don't think I personally am going to offer a lot by the way of help, heh, because ships are way way waaaay outside my comfort zone. But would you mind elaborating a little on what you had in mind? You might get more interest if folk knew a little better what you were hoping for/what they're in for!

Are you wanting to brainstorm some concepts? Have some designs sketched out? Deckplans? Do you have a fully realised ship/fighter existing in your mind that you're waiting for the right artist to get down on paper? An illustrated scene showing the ships in action?


I have a fighter craft I call the Rapier-class fighter. It is a fighter design that has wings like a Hapan Miy'til fighter (, the body (fuselage) of the X-wing, and the speed to match a TIE Interceptor, the weapons to match a Y-wing, and the shields to match a B-wing. It has two Taim & Bak KX-9 laser cannons and two ArMek SW-7a ion cannons with two Krupx MG9 Proton Torpedo Launchers. It has the ability to out fly most other fighters due to strategically placed micro thrusters. It has no Astromech Droid socket so it instead uses an on-board artificial intelligence unit to assist with all functions. I have three variants of this craft, the Rapier Defender, the Broadsword Bomber, and the Dagger Interceptor.

The Broadsword is a larger, two man version of the Rapier and is armed with two laser cannons facing fore and aft, two ion cannons facing fore and a bomb bay capable o delivering 15 proton bombs, 40 thermal detonators, or 10 torpedoes. The Dagger Interceptor is smaller than the Rapier and has no A.I. nor does it have any torpedo launchers like the Rapier. It has two laser cannons and a single ion cannon, although this ion cannon is less powerful than the ones found on the Rapier and Broadsword. To add some limited extra firepower, the Dagger has a dumb fire rocket pod that can be attached before any mission.


Patience is needed padawan...

Takes days/weeks/months/years for some request to be taken... And just so you know, ships are not a specialty of all that many of the artists.

And asking if anyone can help is considered as bumping and is considered rude here. So please refrain from doing it. Thank you...

Hope you get it picked up, but no need to bump any more :)


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You could have a browse through the various artist's galleries here and if you see something you like/find someone you think is up for the task, try asking the artist directly. Even then though it's not a guarantee... when it comes down to it, you have to remember that everything here on SWAG is what the artists create purely off their own backs in their own time for nothing but a 'thankyou' in return (and even then, they don't always get it!!).


Hmmmmmm, I may be interested in this as ships is kinda my thing right now. I have a ship up in my gallery if you're interested.


Anthony, you'll need to make a new thread if you want to get someone to do another request for you. Thanks :)