Johr adds a mechanic


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After doing Johr, and restarting the campaign, I decided to do others in the party with him at the bar. The Besalisk Mechanic and his droid, plus my R2 unit after being loaded into a walking chassis. I added a Merc shot with a sleep dart cause...why do I have a blaster drawn?

NEW: Doing some work on an aquatic Dancer to put behind the next group from our party. She just all spilled out quick like. Got the idea from the Mon Cal dancer request I did. The problem lay in the fact I have put no clothes on her yet...ummm..yeah, well it's 5 am and I should be asleep so off I go.



Two more of the Party, Our Soon to be mob boss Zeltron Based A huge amount on Max Headroom and a Duros Scoundrel named Huuladan.


Dude, those are looking sweet. Max Headroom?!! AWESOME!! [I'm dying to see the old TV show again, one of these days I'll buy the dvd set]

Really nice rendering on the Duros.