Ithorian Tech

Lt Pushpa Fallom and his assistant/intepreter SP-16. LT Follom was the Chief Engineer of the NRS FarStar.

Private commission.


Ithorian! Yes!

Also the bug droid is pretty awesome! Husband is wondering if it's based off a Verpine? I, personally, am in love with its feet. And the fact that I can actually imagine the thing working.


Love this so much! Full of character, beautiful line work and detail and warm colours. Great stuff :)


To answer your question, Tuss: QUITE SO

Sithsherald: Exactly! The requester made specific mention of Luke's Empire jumpsuit. I thought it was a good aesthetic choice.



I love your work in Star know that. But I am digging the subtle hint of Star Warsy back ground. Keeps the focus on the characters....superb

Lord Crumb

No! that's not it. Bring me the hydrospanner. It looks great.

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