Drunk Doc and One-Armed Wolf

I am going to get onto these requests soon I swear I am. It's just that things keep happening in our game that I keep feeling desperate desires to illustrate. Not going to divulge a lot of detail with regards to this particular conversation though, aheh, 'cause far too many of the squad hang out here on SWAG these days and there's a lot still waiting to be resolved! This is also an attempt to get better at actually tackling 'indoors' backgrounds (nature isn't scary for me, but interior environments are horrifying) and the whole characters-interacting-with-the-background-and-also-one-another thing. Dunno how I feel about the digital lines, but gosh do I ever love little lights in dark places.


You do an amazing job on the fur. What really jumped off the page for me on this one was the bottle. That looks fantastic.


The doc's arm, the frayed hem on the gown and the reflections on the drawer metal are also really well done. I wouldn't worry too much about your skills with interiors. The picture as a whole makes a statement.

Lord Crumb

Where is the ball...JUST TELL WHERE IS THE BALL! Wonderful job.

Kia kaha - stay strong
Aliit ori'shya tal'din - Family is more than bloodline


LCT -- I'd laugh, if only 'pretend to throw a ball to make Jak run out of the room' jokes weren't all too prevalent during our sessions, heh. ;)


Tussy, this is beautiful, evocative and just plain stunning. Madam, I salute you!


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