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Here's the start to a sketch of Jynx in the Bacta tank. I'll let her tell you what happened this time around. 


PR.112 Lab Log 0045

I had a bacta bath today shortlt after I woke up, and after my vitals were cleared. TikTik seems troubled about the ordeal, or perhaps because for the last three months I have been comatose, he hasn't been able to get ChiChi out of his antenea. It seems I gave everyone a scare, especially since no one knew what the hell was going on at the time. 

Things are a bit fuzzy, I hope to talk to Fred Slick about what went on since apparently he was there. I've been told that Jord has left, and taken away the body of his wife. I don't blame him for this tragedy. And I've recieved a summons to appear before Rebel Command about the goings on here in the medical bay. Apparently they think I have been hiding my experiments away. Oh, gotta love the chain of command around here. Luckily TikTik knows full well that I wasn't hiding anything. I mean, how do you hide a mutating humaniod that is telekenetically enslaved to a raging lunatic of an Imperial experiment with Sith alchemy gone so severely wrong?

I'm told that all my medical research has been confiscated for the time being, though I have back up copies back home at my personal lab. That is to say if Xakon hasn't found out about this, which I am sure he has, and has probably searched though my research so far. 

Everyone wants to know what happened. ChiChi is the most concerned, and angry. I stuck myself with a hypodermic of the experimental cure, not really knowing what was going to happen. It's all so fuzzy still, I need to speak with Fred. Find out what the hell he was doing there in the first place. 

I remember that Jord's wife was comatose, that we had induced it to keep R.A.G.E. (Rapid Aggressive Genetic Exchange) from further mutating her. I can remember the strain of 112 trying to glean what he could about my research through intense attacks on my mind, and him finally penetrating that wall to see how far advanced I was. Yes, I do think I told ChiChi about that. How 112 was angry and afraid of my knowledge, and that at the same time he seemed to have pulled back from such attacks. Well, up until...

There was a poison I extracted from a rare conch creature that I discovered would attack the tainted DNA structures after I injected the strain in test subjects. None of them survived, they were too pathetic to have been able to rail against it. Jord knew this, knew we'd have to test it on a larger subject. One that had the will and stamina to fight it. His poor wife was so far along....and 112 attacked mentally in that moment. Did I inject her? I remember her death, how terrible it was, but not the cause. I remember Fred's face, horrified, as he looked on through the viewing window into the operating room. And then the sting of the needle as it broke skin. 

And pain. Pain that was so searingly bad. And then wonderful blackness. I'm told that I died, though I don't know if it's true. I'm told that Kwi Sung brought me back from the brink, though how that could be I don't know either. One thing is certain, I am cured somehow of R.A.G.E. TikTik showed me the proof in the lab tests done, and my blood is back to normal. Even the areas of my body that had begun to turn are mostly back to normal. 

It gives me hope. I am still troubled by the lack of understanding of how things came to this. I worry about my commrades who are still coping with R.A.G.E in thier bodies, twisting them. What if the cost of the cure is too hight a price to pay?

-Reon Vo-Zzingnut aka Jynx


Lord Cygnus

Wow, that really is YOU in the bacta tank, I hope you're feeling better now, Jynxie! 

(Wonderful job with this, by the way!)

Lord Crumb

Will there be an adamantium feed and your character end up with claws?  Just joshing.  It looks great.


Nope, but she is already outfitted with cybernetics to improve her strength and dexterity. Perception will be her next mod, when she can afford it (CP wise, not creds)


Whoa... that was a really good read, and very cool too, in the way its more like a personal diary entry. Also love the colors - bacta, skin tone, wounds, etc. very well done!