Ace Browning Crossfire, Bounty Hunter

Ace was the second Bounty Hunter template PC to join my Star Wars RPG campaign back in 89, and the only bounty hunter with a rocket pack! He's on Facebook, so he reminded me earlier today that he has a sawn off blaster rifle like Boba Fett, not a blaster pistol.


Made with GIMP 2.8


Ha!! This pic is brilliant! So much character, and such a great overall 'feel'... the soft X-wings overhead add just the right amount to it.


Really dig this one - great dynamic pose. Definitely a fan of how you handled the X-Wings in the background :)


I remember once they were being chased by some airspeeders. Ace flew up to one of them, blasted in its canopy, threw out the pilot and commandeered it in mid-flight. Then, used it to blast the other speeders.


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