Fiery Miraluka Cowgirl, Would-Be Mandalorian [aenid31]

And here is my third character request, a part of the same party as our Kiffar Jedi Padawan and Zeltron Jedi Knight Errant. As before I've separated the description in a simple easy-to-reference list of bullet points, and a much longer and wordier description for those of you interested in the finer details. This time around I have something a bit different. In addition to the below character's description, I've included something of an alternate appearance-her Mandalorian armor. Be warned that I was at a loss for how to describe her Mandalorian armor without just... dense verbosity. So that's what I did. Thank you for considering my character and I hope you enjoy reading her over! Reference links will be at the bottom!

Tyria was born to a married Miraluka couple who settled down on Concorde Dawn to live a simple, rural life and rear their children on the farm of their dreams. Tyria is the oldest of three siblings-born Remington "Rem" or "Remmy" Ren'eli, with a younger brother named Mossberg or "Moss" and a younger sister named Winchester or "Winnie". She turned out to be quite the tomboy in her adolescence and spent a lot of her time outshooting and outracing the farmboys in the area. When she got older she showed no signs of reigning in her increasingly rambunctious behavior and before long she was hanging out with some pretty rough individuals. By the time she left home she was the picture of a sassy gunslinger and setting out on her own, she left a trail of wounded gunmen, gangs of drinking buddies-some of which were originally wounded gunmen-and some hefty bar tabs in her wake and was becoming what some considered to be "the fastest gun in the Mandalore Sector since the Mandalorian Civil War". Unfortunately it was inevitable that she would one day cross the line and her actions would catch up with her, and eventually she had become enough of a nuisance that she was finally tracked down and arrested by the Journeyman Protectors-her list of offenses enumerated with countless cases of disturbing the piece, recklessness public endangerment, public drunkenness, speeding, operating a repulsorlift vehicle under the influence, vandalism, larceny, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, and so on. Her trial was held publicly, with over a hundred fellow Concordians-her parents and siblings included-turning up to witness the fate of their new local folk hero. Numerous plaintiffs with personal grudges demanded a death penalty for her many violent offenses and her apparent inability to reform, although her Pleader convinced the court that she had become something of a local legend and a symbol to the people in the surrounding territories of Concorde Dawn, and that while her list of offenses was long, capital punishment was a bit extreme for the specific nature of her crimes. She got off with exile, a comparatively lenient punishment considering the extreme nature of the Concordian justice system. Left with no real home, no direction in life, and forcibly banished from everything she knew she had no choice but to face the harshness of reality. She left everything behind and assumed the identity of "Tyria Vellar", wandering the space lanes looking for any real job that would pay. She tried the delivery business-both legal and not-quite-so-legal, professional racing, bartending, and all manner of other jobs. It wasn't until she once again found a blaster in her hand that the fog cleared and the universe opened itself up to "Tyria Vellar". She took a bit of time to examine the cards in her hand and rethink her life. She had a home-a solid transport freighter to help her find work. She had a way to keep that work and that home-a certain set of skills and a good blaster at her side. She had some friends-her co-pilot; a Trandoshan mercenary who owed her a life debt, and a droid to help keep the ship in flying shape; a boxy S19 unit programmed to bartend who she bought from one of her former employers. She decided that she wanted to go back and do things right this time. She decided that if she was going to go around shooting off her blasters, blowing things up, and generally raising hell that she'd do it the right way. She had the heart and spirit of a fiery young warrior-and that was why the rural life on Concorde Dawn had been to slow for her. She may have been born a Miraluka and raised a farm girl-but in her heart she was a Mandalorian.

Her partner is a Trandoshan by the name of Rukskka Sajjad, or just "Ska". Their relationship is akin to that of Han Solo and Chewbacca. Her astromech droid is Named "S19-SL7" or "Sleven". Think Claptrap from Borderlands if you've played it, minus all of the talking. Formerly a bartending droid, he has a bad habit of serving drinks at very inappropriate times-like in the middle of battle. Easily panics when tipped over or there is danger, and will screech loudly while wildly deploying and retracting appendages. Don't feel pressed to illustrate either of these characters, but if the mood strikes you I would be most grateful!

Tyria's primary weapon is a DE-10 which seems to remain little more than a sentimental keepsake. It's the blaster she carries with her at all times, one that she keeps under her pillow when she sleeps, one that she has never been seen wielding in a fight-yet is always kept on her person. She clearly has a very strong attachment to the weapon, but something seems to restrain her from using and sometimes she is pushed to an emotional brink strong enough to actually draw the blaster on someone, but has yet to be able to bring herself to fire it. Her DE-10 is an extremely weighty and powerful piece-packing enough energy to punch a hole straight through an armored soldier, and then kill the guy behind him. The absurd power of this blaster is due to Tyria's own modifications from some time ago, and she has also long since striped off the electronic gun sights to speed up her draw. It is her constant companion and rides along on her right hip, in a cowboy-style holster. She actually uses an ACP array shotgun weapon more often, but has little attachment to it compared to her DE-10. On her left shoulder and affixed to the harness she wears over her vest is a small vibrodagger. Its primary intent is for utility but it is positioned for quick access just in case anyone getting too up-close and personal for her tastes needs a painful lesson.



Name: Tyria Vellar
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: ~122 lbs
Species: Miraluka
Home Planet: Concord Dawn
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Short Description:

  • Average Height
  • Very Athletic
  • Tanned, with tanlines
  • Scars
  • Jaw-Length Dark Brown Hair, Tipped with Blond
  • Wares a blindfold or tinted goggles almost always
  • Shorterst Short-Shorts Ever
  • Cowboy Pistol Belt
  • Suspenders
  • Leather Chaps
  • Sleeveless leather vest with turtleneck
  • Aspires to one day become a Mandalorian
  • Reckless and untamed, violent and potentially dangerous
  • Drinks heavily to deafen her natural connection to the Force
  • Passionate speederbike enthusiast





Gratuitous Lengthy Description:
Tyria likes to think that she stands at about average height with a very attractive physique; this isn't terribly far from the truth though some might find her very athletic build to be a bit much. Her once naturally pale complexion has long since been tanned to a dusky hue, with stark tanlines where she is normally clothed. Her body is marked with numerous scars here and there, but nothing too disfiguring with the exception of a large blaster burn between her shoulder blades that she seems lucky to have survived. She has no eye color, due to her people's physical lack of yes. Her hair is dark brown and tipped with blonde highlights, kept short at jaw-length. She keeps a lock of her hair tucked back behind her right ear, and her eye-length bangs are kept swept towards the left. At all times she wears some form of blindfold over her eyes-usually a pair of tinted swoop goggles to hide her lack of eyes or a simple bandana for casual days around the ship, although on special occasions where formal dress is required she wears fine silken blindfolds and embroidered veils. Tyria dresses lightly and particularly provocatively where she can get away with it, wearing a pair of tight denim short shorts-dubbed 'the tiniest shorts ever'-which are normally unbuttoned at the front and held on by her heavy, leather, cowboy-style pistol belt which is adorned with a number of pouches, a blaster gas cartridge, several tools, and decorated with a few small bead-covered tassels. She also wears a set of tight chest bindings-which reveal just a hint of under-cleavage, and a cropped, brown leather vest with a brass zipper and a turtle-necked collar. In addition to these garments Tyria wears a pair of knee-length buckled flight boots, leather cargo chaps cut to reveal the inside of her thighs, a Y-suspender hitching up her shorts-which usually also carries some spare ACP Array shells, her vibrodagger, and some other light equipment-, and a pair of fingerless swoop gloves which reach about halfway up her forearm and are cinched at the wrists with small buckles. She's not typically one for jewelry, but she'll often wear a bronzium armlet with a Mandalorian Mythosaur skull flanked by jaig eyes embossed on it.


Tyria's Mandalorian Armor:
Having been recognized for her strength, courage, honor, tenacity, and persistent desire to become a true Mandalorian, Tyria was awarded the opportunity to do so by a small band of Mandalorian mercenaries.  Each plate is cut relatively generously to allow for maximum agility and mobility. The suit's plating is painted with a subdued desert camouflage pattern with the exception of the Iron Heart or Mandalorian Diamond in the center of her chestplates, which is painted orange to represent her lust for life. The khaki under-suit is composed of armorweave embedded with trace amounts of micronized Mandalorian armor for blast dissipation. Both gauntlets have been modified to include a number of handy tools of the trade and back-up weapons for any occasions Tyria may require such as the grappling spike launcher and the very compact repulsorcam droid socketed to her left gauntlet, it can also be detached with a power-coupling tether for simply peeking around cover.  Her right gauntlet features a compact, holdout, single-shot, bolt-action slugthrower, a bacta auto-injector seal, and a compact fusioncutter for bypassing basic obstacles. Both gaunlets also house a pair of foot-long retractable vibroblades hammered out of an old pair of dueling beskads that can be deployed out of the front at a moment's notice with a mere flick of the wrist, a pair of personal shield nodes that project an oval buckler-sized ray shield, as well as a pair of discreet flame projectors with an approximate forty foot range and thirty-second continuous feed from expendable solid-fuel cartridges. A significant aesthetic detail is the dull grey color of her helmet's iconic T-shaped visor, evocative of the milky white color of blind eyes. Her helmet does include a broadband antennae for long range encrypted communications, a built-in comlink, rebreather, and a voice-responsive suit control computer linked to a touch-sensitive datapad panel built into the front of the suit's left-thigh. Over her armor she wears an armorweave hood and shawl-which hangs about her shoulders and upper chest-and an armorweave kama that have all been colored in a subtle desert tan. Her armor has been adorned with a few leather utility belts covered in pouches and tools. Additionally, Tyria has built into her armor a special system utilizing a compact repulsorlift generator in a module slightly smaller then a jetpack on her back, with discreet thrusters and miniaturized tractor beams placed strategically about her armor to increase her overall mobility and allow her to perform feats of acrobatics on pair with a trained Jed. In this kit she still wears her belted Y-suspender harness and trusty DE-10 pistol belt, though she has since replaced the buckle with a bronzium plate embossed with the Mandalorian Mythosaur skull. Her armor is further personalized with simple yet vicious-looking durasteel spurs on the heels of her boots, a pair of small spikes on the toes, and small studs on the knuckles of her gloves. Further celebrating her acceptance into the ranks of the Mandalorian culture her dear friend 'Ska conferred with her new Mandalorian brethren and it was decided that her little vibroblade wasn't a weapon befitting a warrior of her spirit, and so she was gifted a worn trench vibrodagger. Like a trenchknife, but a vibro-weapon. This replaces her old vibroknife on her shoulder, which is relegated to boot-knife duty.

Custom Nightsister Energy Bow:
Upon the more personal celebration of her acceptance into the ranks of the Mandalorian culture, one of her strange travelling companions-the Zeltron fallen Jedi-gifted her an unusual Dathomiri artifact supposedly belonging to his deceased paramour from a lifetime ago; a rare and exotic Nightsister energy bow. It had been in rather worn condition in Mars' possession, so he and his technologically minded Padawan got together with her new Mandalorian brethren and retrofitted the weapon to standards more befitting of Tyria's warrior status. Already quite lightweight, the limb was replaced with a stronger laminated duraplast and totally re-designed for a collapsible recurve design, placing joints on either side of the grip and midway down each half of the limb. The bowstring system was redesigned so that instead of using expendable arrows, the magnetically contained plasma 'bowstring' was set along the inner-curve of the limb and connected in the middle to a beam-condenser. When the beam condenser was drawn back from the grip, the plasma would concentrate into an arrow and fire when the condenser was released. The modifications made the energy bow more similar to a blaster rifle, including feeding from a Tibanna gas canister screwed into the front of the grip at an upward angle and a power pack just beneath that-but due to the magnetic casting system it's entirely silent. The bow can be deployed with a flick of the wrist, and is normally kept stowed in a horizontal scabbard on the small of her back just underneath her repulsorlift unit.

Trench knife Ref:…

Energy Bow Ref:…


Hey, I like to write and roleplay. And in the Star Wars community I've observed there's a majority of people who created flat, uninspired characters that do nothing more than conform to the archetypes that they were inspired by and to nothing to add flavor to the concept or take it in any other direction. Sith that aren't particularly evil beyond being violent. Jedi that are all-knowing and wholly untempted by anything in their path. Mandalorians that are just... expert soldiers in cool armor with no respect towards actual Mandalorian tradition. Smugglers that never actually smuggle anything.

But like you said, there are plenty of examples out there that aren't. : D


... I get the feeling you're one of the few people outside my home group that I'd actually get a kick out of roleplaying with! Haha. I actually agree 100% with what you've said, I just couldn't help but respond with the voice of my darling Mando puppy. ;)


We appreciate your enthusiasm .. but bumping isn't appreciated here :) ...  The only area we want people to bump in, is if the request is older than a year, and in the other forum.  

And don't worry about it, not a big deal, just thought I"d let you know :)


Been a while...Interesting character bio(to say the least!), great detail in description. Hope your around in case I have some inquiries.

I'll take this.


Q: Are the "Cargo Chaps" somehow tucked into the 'knee length flight boots"?

Usually at the knee, chaps go full legged like pants. She would loose the character and look of her buckled, knee length flight boots or are they open below the knee somehow? (The boots would only be visible from the inside and/or behind)


To lose the shapelyness of a woman's booted leg for want of 'chaps', such is the bane of my existence. lol! 

...Makes perfect sense if as a speeder bike enthusiast, she partakes in races/runs in the wild to avoid 'official' attention.

Thanks again for the detail and the references. I always appreciate an RPG player that thinks their character through or/and has a vivid imagination.


...I think I may have misinterpreted some of your description (under-cleavage) , but I finished the drawing and am almost done with the rendering. I didn't don her 'Y' harness for reasons which will be apparent in the description. I like how her character is coming along, I hope she appeals as much here and with her originator... 

Finished coming soon  (*whew*)


So friggin' cool! Awesome job brother! Thank you so much! You made her sexier than I could've pictured without losing the tough girl thing, and I love the stylish glasses. Made me think Ghost in the Shell for a breadth of a second. I love it!