Charming Zeltron Jedi Knight Errant

Howdy! So, forgive me if this isn't presented in the most ideal fashion, I'm pretty new to the whole requesting are thing, and as I'm not much of an artist usually I don't draw much for other folks. So, with that said, here we go.

I've gone and included two sets of descriptions, a simplified bullet-point list to communicate the general idea of my character, and a longer wordy description in case there is some indecision or some desired reference I didn't already provide-but don't feel bound to the longer description if you don't feel like it. It's mainly for reference in writing. It's what I like to do. I like to write things out.


Mars is Zeltron by birth, but born on Corellia. His father is a Corellian native and a CorSec Inspector and his mother was a Zeltron femme fatale and career criminal. He was taken into the Jedi order shortly before Order 66, and as a small child was rescued by a Jedi Shadow, a female Hapani who would raise him in the following years and mentor him as his master. Together they stalked the darker parts of the galaxy rooting out the dark side where it could be found. A spot of bad luck on Ziost involving a curious young Mars and a Sith holocron nearly killed him, though the intervention and self-sacrifice of his master spared him a painful death. He was tracked down by an ancient Sith cult who had been hiding on Ziost since the time of Revan. They are "The Revanent" and our main-main bad guys. They tortured and coerced him to the darkside and as such a raw, malleable youth he was shaped as an assassin by the cult's patriarch. He grew up in the cult for some time and found a lover in the form of another adopted outsider-a Dathomiri Nightsister who had been traded to the cult. Their relationship was frowned upon and found to be outside the tenants of a strict breeding formula aimed at creating a race of ultimate Sith. They were punished by the master's pack of pet Vornskrs and his paramour did not survive. Before long he took his revenge upon the cult's patriarch using the very skills he had been taught to serve the Sith and fled in the confusion, leading a power vacuum in his wake. A period of indecision has left him to shed the mantles of Jedi and Sith, and currently he does not know what he believes or which side he walks on. In his wanderings he has since rescued a Force-sensitive slave child who would become his padawan, and in time he gravitates towards the fateful space station of Tanquila Beach where our protagonists end up in the employ of an influential business syndicate.


Should you decide to draw him with an ignited lightsaber, his an orange-bronze color and pulses along the length of the blade when ignited (Like the compressed lightsaber crystal from The Force Unleashed, if you're familiar with the game.)


Anyways I hope this is plenty of information and that I haven't bogged you down with too many words. If this request catches your eye I do hope you will consider making your art and please don't hesitate to message me with any questions regarding Mars as I have plenty more information and I'm the kind of nerd who loves to go on-and-on about the characters he works with. With any luck maybe I'll put up other requests and more of our story's cast will be brought to life by the hand of an artist.

Name: Mars Reising
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: ~163 lbs
Species: Zeltron
Home Planet: Corellia
Alignment: Neutral Good

Short Description:

  • Average Height
  • Wiry Build
  • Pinkish-Reddish Skin
  • Bruised Amber "Sith Eyes"
  • Short Dark Red Hair, Tousled Bangs
  • Sith Tattoos on right arm, back, shoulders, and neck
  • Grey Jedi Robes with only a left sleeve, and a white tabard
  • Orange Sash tied around waist in place of a typical obi
  • Curious, Outwardly friendly, charismatic, and
  • Skilled manipulator
  • Prefers to avoid conflict all together, and talk things out where possible
  • Fascinated by culture and history
  • Fallen Padawan of a Jedi Shadow, and reformed Sith Assassin-currently a wanderer







Gratuitous Lengthy Description:
Mars stands around average height and weight for his species with a wiry frame and build. His skin is somewhat pale but nothing one would notice off of Zeltros. Mars’s vibrant dark red hair is kept short and hangs loosely about his face, with his bangs tousled out of his eyes. Typical of a Zeltron he is considered quite handsome and when looking at him, one can't help but experience a disquieting sensation of familiarity. With a thin face, angular jaw, narrow chin, a flat pointed nose, and thin lips he is attractive to most humans and near-humans but he is considered merely average amongst his own people-most would say he is handsome enough for a shampoo or toothpaste holo-ad. The perpetual look of mild exhaustion in Mars's eyes may give pause to reconsider his attractiveness as his irises are burned a sulfuric yellow and his eye sockets are slightly bruised from time spent with the dark side of The Force-and if not that than perhaps the incomplete Sith tattoos which he displays openly. The design was originally intended to cover his entire body as per tradition but only his shoulders, back, neck, and right arm were ever fully inked as he washed his hands of the cult and the dark side before the tattooing was complete. The style of the designs is ancient, with the markings applied traditionally using the burning venom from species of pincer-bug indigenous to Ziost. In his time he has acquired his share of scars the most grievous of which being the jagged gore marks left on his torso by a particularly voracious pack of his former master's Vornskrs who had been set upon him. Typically Mars dresses in garb somewhat approximating typical Jedi robes, though the resemblance is passing. A light grey, sleeveless undertunic of silk clothes his torso and reaches just past the groin. A dark grey overtunic of a coarse fabric hangs loosely about his shoulders with a single sleeve for his right arm which is tightly bound with belts along the forearm and upper arm. The hem of the overtunic reaches down to mid-thigh. A sleeveless white synthleather tabard hangs down from his shoulders over his tunics and down to his knees. It is trimmed with a narrow black border and the neck forms a deep-V which culminates just beneath the chest. The backside of the tabard is marked with a gold impressionist design of a Ziost scorpion encircled by a ring of Corellian green. A long orange sash wraps tightly around Mars's abdomen several times over his robes and is knots at the front where the loose tails dangle down to mid-thigh, the ends of which are quite ragged. A number of small trinkets and good luck charms from assorted cultures across the galaxy hang loosely from the sash, dangling from all manner of strings and braids and chains. Over the sash he wears a black utility belt suspended at a jaunty angle with assorted pouches for his personal effects. Mars wears notably tight black trousers tucked into a pair of sturdy belted flight boots, as well as lengths of brown wrist wraps. Notable accessories include several Zeltron holoprojecting bracelets on his right wrist, which project intricate, brightly colored holographic rings that encircle the forearm and slowly rotate. From his neck hangs a small leather necklace featuring several infant rancor teeth, though this is normal tucked underneath his robes. While traveling Mars has been known to wear a heavy, unassuming, brown travel duster in place of a cloak-with a large floppy blizzard collar and several buckles across the chest to keep it closed.


It would be considered presumptuous and rude of me to put multiple, separate art requests out at once-wouldn't it?


I think it's basically 3 characters at a time kind of thing.  So if you have one character requested, you can make a new request for another character.  If you have 3 characters in one request then you're probably good for now.  But honestly, with the lack of requests lately.  I say request what you like, just keep it to 3 characters per request.


It does help :)


Also, it'll help if you go through the Gallery.  Look through it and you may find inspiration for your group.  There are a lot of really good pieces that inspire settings and stories in the gallery.