Lounging About

If anyone remembers the Duloks, then I applaud you for it. The Duloks were distant relatives of the Ewoks and were known for the foul nature. They were often considered an Ewoks greatest rival and often lived in the Forest Moon's swamps. 

While people often cringe at the fact that anything Ewok related exists, I often find myself to enjoy them quite well. So given a personal take of the species and from their original looks from the book The Adventures of Teebo, I found a lot of fun doing this piece from all the old art I used to do of them. This guy here is named Tazu, a guard and general to a Dulok king by the name of Podjo. Their tribe resides by a river and a little ways from another Ewok village called Chup. 

The original file has been downsized sadly, so the original can easily be found on my Deviant Art.

Art and character belong to me

Duloks belong to George Lucas


LOL.  Yes, I remember the Duloks!   I had so much fun watching the animated Ewoks TV show.   Bravo on bringing them into the present!



I never watched the Ewoks cartoon, so this is a piece of SW lore I have yet to encounter, but this piece is great! Very vivid and appealing. :D


You can find the episodes on Youtube in good quality! :) I enjoyed having to find them again, especially since these creatures are a huge part of my childhood! 

Thank you so much! Its very much appreciated! :)


Sweet! This dude looks WAY more badass than the sorry bunch on the old cartoon.  WTG!


Thank you so much! As much as I enjoy the cartoons, I don't feel they do much justice to the Duloks as they were originally intended to be!

Thank you again! :)