Well-Dressed Nautolan [Hisham]

Jipp Kunno can normally be seen with a jumpsuit you'd often find on a mechanic, but when he is invited to a formal event, he cleans off all the leaked coolant and grease, and throws on his spiffy black Zoot Suit with light purple pinstripes and a hat to match, black with same light purple for the band around it. The jacket of the suit is worn over a darker violet vest and similarly colored tie, and the lighter shade pops up again on the collared shirt beneath the jacket and vest. From one of the pockets drapes a silver chain that he might hang a watch on, which hangs down this knee-level.

That’s about all I can think of. It may seem a bit specific, but I’m new at this.


Now I have seen everything. I both anticipate and fear seeing this filled, lol.

Lord Crumb

I can see a Star Wars version of ZZ Top singing "Sharp Dressed Nautolan" in my minds eye and laughing at the thought.

May the Force be with this Nautolan



Well, it's something for a MU I play on (Old school, I know) Since we just started up a wiki page, and I need an image for it, I figured "Why not?" If all goes well, I may request other outfits for him down the line. But that's for later.