Gungan Pirate Captain

This grizzled Pirate Captain is of the same old Ankuran lineage as Boss Nass. He bears the hideous scars of an attack by a swamp dwelling ape-like creature, a Veermok.

Pencil, Completed April 2005


Mr. Cunningham? Asok and I were talking on the phone earlier and Asok referred to you as GunganStu on accident. I thought that was amazing and wanted to ask for your permission to refer of you as GunganStu at times?


Jawastu - I am an author, council memeber, and ehad of the storyline committee for a national Star Wars role playing group and would love to use this image as a prop in an event we are having. I want to make sure you get the proper credit though. PLease reach me at (EDIT: Emails are not allowed on the site) to let me know how you feel about this and let me know whoi I can give proper credit to.


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