Tierra Nasio


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A request from Cenedra_Nasio;

"Tierra Nasio is a member of the Mistryl Shadow Guard which is an all female mercenary group in the Star Wars Universe. Tierra is currently in the employ of Tran Lurov (Toyaoka) as his body guard, in which she uses her skills as a Teras Kasio master (martial artist) to protect him. Tierra is tall with a well honed body. She has long blonde hair that is generally worn in a braid and purple eyes. She wears middle eastern style clothing consisting of a scarf styled top that bares her shoulders and baggy pants with either bare feet or laced leather boots. She has fingerless black combat gloves and wears white fabric strips wrapped around her wrists almost to her elbows. Tierra has a tattoo on her left side that starts at her temple that winds its way down her check, along her jaw bown, down her neck and the left side of her torso, that is a single strand of gold ivy with leaves. Tierra is comfortable in any setting but her duty and love for Tran come first as she owes him her life. Though she is a hard woman that sticks to her duty, Tierra does like adventure and fun too."



Mercy...thats her...thats exactly her!! She totally looks how I envisioned her as a Teräs Käsi Master!


I just heard about this. but that way cool it nice to see what your employees look like. this is a great job of the discription that Nasio has given you. Mercy agin have to thank you. your ability to create a picture or a person in a short time is amazing.


Cheers, guys! I'm almost done with the colour version, so I'll load it up soon.


Neat! If it's what you wanted I'll consider it done and load it to gallery.
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