Voodni colony ship

Well, it's taken me forever to complete this one. Mostly cause I suck and shouldn't take requests anyway. (I've spent 5 years doing the clawcraft for myself so...) at any rate, Wolverine is a good guy, and waited very patiently on this one. I hope he likes the end product. Here was the request.

"The Voodni colony ship is 184 meters long, just over that of a normal Corellian Corvette. About 2/3s of that length wide, and around 80 meters tall. More boxy than sleek, but tapered both around the enginnering area and the head (where the cockpit is). It has a crew of 32 peole with 12 additional for gunnery spots, which are 8 SF scale ion cannons, and 4 cap scale twin turbolasers (ions are 2 on each side, 2 forward and 2 rear, while the turbos are 2 forward and one on each side.. none rear).
It has the capacity of holding 400 people in cryo tubes for colonization of other planets and looks much older than it actually is.

It does have a thick hull and good solid engines if a little on the slow side..."

I did a little artistic interpretation as to the placement of (especially) the turbo lasers. Not because I didn't want to hold to his original idea, but because considering the final shape of the ship it seemed better this way. I hope you don't mind my little interpretation Wolverine.


No Eclipse, an author trying to be an artist would suck, an artist trying to be an artist merely improves upon his craft and thus his skill. I think the piece reflects your skill at your art and dedication to making it look good is what makes you artists great. ^_^

I like the smaller planetoid in the background and the far off star, gives it a nice touch besides just the normal stary background. The planet is well detailed and the ship looks wonderful. ^_^ Never sell yourself short my friend, we are all our own worst critics and that is what perhaps keeps us improving.

Evan Black

Smaller planetoid? Do you mean the lens flare artifact?

It's nice to see this one finally finished! Looks awesome!


Actually I meant the yellish orange ball in the background to the right of the ship and above the planet, next to the blue object that is either a star or another far off galaxy.



Yeah, as Evan mentioned, those are Lens Flare artifacts. But I could see how you might look at it as a moon or planetoid. I'm glad you like the work, I am my own worst critic, I still kind of feel like this is rubbish. But I hope it works for Wolverine.



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