Time to Clean out the Fresher!

About a year and a half ago Drig suggested a cool submission theme: Time to Clean out the Fresher! So here's my take, and yes this HAS happened in our game. The group was trying to buy an old YT freighter, and upon closer inspection was found to have a little infestation.


I must say I think this is the coolest alien I have ever seen. but not something you want to meet in your bathroom. though as a GM it could be a nice surprise for the players that is.


Brilliant, though I have a sneaking suspicion that there's a seedy space ranger's bar somewhere in the Outer Rim that has one of these guys flipping burgers in a kitchen out back.

Why do all multi-tentacled, slobbering, tooth-filled mouthed, one-eyed aliens have to be bad guys? Isn't it all a bit Cthulist?

Excellent stuff. Find a Dia Noghu, give them each a guitar and put them on the Coruscant cabaret circuit. You'll make a fortune.



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