Kaelyn - Action Pose!

An 'action pose' of Kaelyn for the requester of the same name.
This was to go with the picture I produced of her earlier; http://www.swagonline.com/node/4755

~ Mercy


Like the darkish effect to it! I still kinda...a little bit... see one leg is a tiny bit lonnger, sorry for mentioning it now-
THis is a WAASTHOOME backgruond-did you do it all on photoshop? LOve IT alot, Mercy!



Cheers guys!

I still kinda like the background more than the foreground in this one, I have to say. And Roz, I agree, the leg still looks a bit short - I really need to work on my fore-shortening some more.

Oh, and yes - all done in Photoshop, except for the original sketch, which was by hand.


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