Another-Dat (Prime) [Casca1967]

Hello again everyone.

It feels like forever since I last annoyed you all with my wordage and such. But I thought I'd drop by and make a new request.


Now, by this point, most of you are no doubt familiar with my Annoo-dat Prime character, Asha (who you can see over yonder in my profile pic) and his crew aboard the Last Outlaw. While I usually stop by here to make a request for various members of said crew and/or npc's, the Last Outlaw game has more or less died way down in the past few months due to that pesky thing called life (grumble). So rather than make yet another request for the seemingly endless cast of the Last Outlaw, I thought I'd take the time to make a personal request.

You've all seen the wonderful work Rina has done with her pictures of Evi and the Fosh species in general. A relatively obscure race now has a bunch of great images to depict their members (or maybe just member) and I love that Rina has given them so much love. Like Rina, I've really begun to like a relatively unknown species myself. You guessed it. The Anno-dat.

What bothers me though is the fact that I've only ever been able to find about 4 images of this species. Two of which are of my own character, by the wonderful Tusserk. I really believe that this species could benefit from some more attention. I mean I know I'm a lot more interested in the Fosh as a species since Rina began displaying all her pieces of Evi. So in the hopes of getting the Anno-dat Prime some more love, I throw another open request at you guys. (I believe I made a similar request before)

Annoo-dat Prime's. It doesn't even have to be my character. I'm just looking for pictures of any Annoo-dat in any situation. It's reallly up to you what you do with it, so long as it features an Anno-dat Prime. I'm just looking to spread the Annoo-dat love (boy that sounded creepy) because I'm that much of a fanboy. And I make no apologies for it :)

Anarchangel. Campaigning for Annoo-dat popularity....Strangely enough.