Female cathar scoundrel [Tusserk]


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Hello there
Can you help me?
I play actually a young female Cathar named Nala Turanga.
She is athletic and slender (1m70). Her eyes are green.
Nala has easily recognizable brands. His entire body is covered with small black spots on a light beige background. On its face, two black lines from the eyes down to the chin. The fur around her mouth, covering her neck, the center of his chest and belly is much lighter, almost white, and free of stains. Her hair is tawny and stained black. Nala often attached with his band not to be embarrassed by them, however, let go two aesthetic strands on each side of his face.
She is dressed in a light leather armor. A leather headband allows him to tie his hair and hide her cat ears to look more human.
It is equipped with an old blaster and a telescopic baton battle attached to his belt. Her outfit consists of several small pockets for storing small items (card game, flashlight)
Nala is a real acrobat and loves to run.
This is a great card player. She cheats with talent.
She survives of little tricks and works as a guide for travelers crossing on Tatooine.
I need a horizontal banner or some drawing to illustrate my character.

Thank you very much in advance.



Just curious here... Girl or guy?...  cause you use his, and her in the above description, and once you use its....  which suggest neither girl nor boy.

Hablyonus Pense

But no, seriously, this is a copy/paste of... Cheetara, right? I mean, I never had much reason to watch thundercats except that my older friends did.... Not complaining or anything....


I believe the Character is female. I have worked with Derf before and he is very imaginative. But I believe he uses a translater that leaves something to be desired. 


Hello guys,

Yes you're right! She is inspired by Cheetara, but with some differences. I use google traduction.

Nala is a nice personage to interpret. In my mind, she is not yellow skinned and badly dressed like Cheetera from thundercats. She is more realistic, darker and attractive. She is part of a small gang of smugglers. She drives also an old Zephyr-G swoop.

Thank you very much Tusserk !!!