Female Chiss Politico [Wonderduck]

Greetings. I was wondering if anyone would like to take on a request as a surprise for one of my players. The character is a female Chiss politico, someone who likes to talk things out, negotiate, reason. Violence is a last resort, evidenced by her only weapons being a slug thrower pistol and a knife. I asked the player what their idea of the characters appearance was, they said a face like this and a personality closer to this. I'll let you decide on how to interpret that. I've posted the character's biography below.


Born 16 standard years ago on the planet Sarvchi in the Chiss Ascendancy, Chaf'ur'iouska was noted by the Fifth Ruling Family for her diplomatic nature at an early age. Her schooling and training emphasized this aspect, and she was expected to continue into a vocation concerning mediation and diplomacy, being warmer and friendlier in nature than most of the cold, disciplined Chiss. However, the few non-Chiss that lived on Sarvchi intrigued her. What might other societies be like in the galaxy beyond the Ascendancy? Was it truly as violent and unsafe as their leaders claimed? 


Having finished her schooling, Chaf'ur'iouska left the Ascendancy before she could be placed in the Chaf family diplomatic service, spending almost a year traveling slowly across the Unknown Regions and Wild Space with a handful of independently-minded Chiss traders. She entered the so-called known galaxy by way of Ansion, where she boarded a ship traveling the Namadii Corridor to Dorin, where she transferred over to the Celanon Spur, having taken in the deadly magnificence of Dorin's twin black holes. Visiting Vortex  to see the Cathedral of Winds, she caught passage on a tramp freighter that was taking on passengers to Ord Mantell. 


She has temporarily stalled on Ord Mantell, having run out of money after convincing a local bureaucrat through bribery and charm to make her some legitimate identification documents identifying her as a citizen of the quasi-independent world. Despite liberal application of charm and cash, the bureaucrat wants still more from the girl he knows as Furious - it seems she owes him quite a few favors.


There are lines that Furious will not cross. Despite her name, she is by nature a friendly and charming girl, adhering the the Chiss taboo against preemptive strikes. She is not a violent person, having not yet had to use the slugthrower given her by the grizzled freighter captain who was concerned about a young girl traveling alone without personal protection. Moreover, while she was too much a free spirit to stick to the confines of the Chiss Ascendancy, it is still her home - she misses it, and will do anything to protect its secrets. Having mostly visited fairly benign and isolated worlds, Ord Mantell has proven an eye-opening experience to the relatively-naive Furious.



Thanks for considering this request.