Grande Dame Jedi Master [Tusserk]


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Hello. I'm working on some NPCs for a game set aboard the Chu'unthor, about 350 BBY. I'd like to make the head of the praxeum an older human woman. (I feel like we see a lot of men of all ages, and young women, but almost never any older women as Jedi, which is weak.)

Master Odalia Qyrenn's appearance is inspired by the model Carmen dell'Orefice. She is:

  • Tall, and statuesque, with a head of silver-white hair.
  • A literal master of most lightsaber Forms, with a blue lightsaber.
  • Clad in mostly-white robes
  • Basically, a goddess. :)

Any chance someone is interested in working on this on my behalf?


Ohhhh I very much appreciate your wanting to create a character like this... I've been having enormous trouble finding my muse, lately, but I'm gonna try to give this one a shot!


Thanks so much for being interested, Tusserk! I really dig your style, and can't wait to see what comes of your efforts. Here's hoping your muse comes a'knocking again. :)