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While looking at the episodes for the sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Wookiepedia, I came across two new jedi that will be introduced this season.  The species have not been named yet but they look cool.

So this is the request.

Female Scoundrel of the following alien: ~Click Here~  or ~Click Here~  or your own color of choice.

A outfit that is similar to Han Solo's or Platt Okeefe ~Click Here~ or maybe a smooth talking con artist.  I leave certain details to the artist ~Click Here~

Height: 1.73m

Weight: 57kg

Eyes: Compliments skin color

Weapons: Hold out blaster, up to the artist if it is hidden or held.

I will leave it up the artist for the background and allow the viewer to interpret the characters background.

Thanks for reading this request from your humble servant,

Lord Crumb :)



It's easy with the new system.  All you have to do is type what you want your link to say ... like Click Here...   highlight it, and click the link button.  Which is the first button in the last block above the box that you're typing in.  Then put your url in the box and click okay.  It turns your Click Here into the link to that website.


I likes this too! (wow, new species!!) ..

But I will defer to Drig since maybe he got first dibs with his reply.



wanna go 'blind'? or try and collude? (dermal color, outfit, pose, background) Would be kinda cool if they looked good and complimented each other side by side. Lets agree on the dermal color and the 'hair/tendrils'(?) so that we at least have different flavors! :) 


Well I definely like the big "poof" tendrils of the first image better than the winged looking ones. As far as color I don't mind?


Lord Crumb, please enlighten me if possible..

Tho the "hair" appears to be what we know as hair, I'm looking at the various ref pics and noticed that though textured like hair, they seem to be more like tendrils, or hair that is alive. One pic has the hair/tendril swept up and back, wing like with the characters expression slightly alarmed. Another one in the slide show has the same character with hair tendrils swept back, ends almost slightly tucked inward with the character alert/advancing slightly aggressive.

Maybe the hair/tendril is part of their emotional persona (?) I have my new species/scoundrel finalizing a deal in a Cantina. Not wanting to give her attitude away in her dealings, the hair/tendril ends are slightly relaxed. If you or anyone knows otherwise, let me know so I can correct it. 

BTW, those episode refs/slide show look great. Makes me wish I could see them.!

Lord Crumb

From what I have seen on YouTube the hair/tendrils/feathers do seem to respond to their emotional state.  So having the hair/tendrils/feathers relaxed sounds cool and keeps their true intentions secrets.  :)  OR  I could be wrong.  Either way it's cool.

Lord Crumb

Watching the clips of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "The Unknown" the hair/tendrils/feathers tend to float/flow as if they are under water.  I would place a link but for some reason I can not get the link feature to work for me.


Sorry! Life got me! I pm'd you lord crumb. I'm still alive and breathing lol.