Nobo Qunaalac, Hutt Inquisitor [Jawastu]

This character is for a Crush the Rebellion campaign, so the players were encouraged to kinda go over the top. Indentured to Palpatine, because a Force-sensitive Hutt is peculiar rarity.

Born to clan Qunaalac 130 years ago, Nobo was brought up in the martial tradition of the kajidic. He grew into a fierce warrior, able to both batter his lesser opponents to death with a single blow and deftly keep his mightier foes distracted and grappled or stunned until he could defeat them. Stationed on Teth prior to the Clone Wars, Nobo kept the Qunaalac's pirate clients paying hefty tribute through a combination of fear of his personal combat ability and fear of what he stood for as the local representative of their patron kajidic. However, the pirates of Teth were eventually driven out through the efforts of Constable Janu Godalhi and Jedi Master Plo Koon. Luckily, the Qunaalac kajidic had been tipped off and had recalled Nobo to Nar Shaddaa, where he spent several years as an enforcer in a variety of protection rackets and casinos.

Just before the Clone Wars, Nobo was sent by his kajidic to Ryloth, where he established several protection rackets with Twi'lek clans which ultimately brought him into conflict with minions of both the Besadii and Desilijic kajidics. As the Clone Wars broke out, Nobo had the misfortune of being trapped on Ryloth by the Separatist blockade. Intimidating the Twi'lek clans into sheltering and aiding him, he then seized the opportunity of having his enemies stranded with him. Nobo slew every Besadii and Desilijic servitor on the planet (with help from the Twi'leks), using their supplies to stay alive and amassing a vast stockpile of ryll and ryll kor. As the Clone Wars ended, Nobo was picked up by minions of the Qunaalac kajidic and returned home to great acclaim with an enormous cargo of spice.

A short time after Nobo's homecoming, Marlo the Hutt sent him to the Emperor as a part of some deal. The Emperor taught the basics of the Force to Pobo, using Plo Koon and Ima-Gun Di as examples of the power which could one day be his. The Emperor explained how he was impressed with Nobo's passionate will to survive on Ryloth through the Clone Wars, and how Nobo had used strength and power to achieve victory over his enemies, using fear to control the Twi'lek clans, directing their anger and hatred toward the minions of the slightly-more-exploitative-to-the-Twi'leks Besadii and Desilijic clans. The Emperor was putting a team together, and he was sure that Nobo Qunaalac would be an effective member of the group and a fierce agent of the Empire...

Nobo is a rare physical specimen of a Hutt, muscles ripple beneath his cream and blue-gray skin. Intense orange eyes glare out of an open-faced helmet that complements the durasteel plate armor covering his torso and banding down the back of his sinuous tail. A neuronic whip is coiled, hanging from his utility belt. With both hands, he grips an Arg'garok. He uses fear and itimidation to get what he wants, he's got the willpower and muscle to back it up.

From FFG's Force and Destiny: mechanically, he's a Guardian (Warden) and Warrior (Aggressor), with the Enhance and Sense Force powers.

Thanks for considering my character.


I sure am! I'm still playing in this campaign, we're on session twenty one. My Hutt has 9 ranks in the Fearsome talent spread out over a couple of specs.

He bounces from enemy to enemy with his newly constructed lightsaber axe, scaring the pants off everyone. 


I’ve made a start with some rough sketches of your character with and without armour.

You can follow my progress in my blog post here 

At this point I’m open to feedback and happy to make changes, so let me know what you think 😊


I like the armor, pauldrons and all. Can the arg'garok be changed out for a lightsaber axe? It's technically a contained energy axe; I picture it as a cross between this and this, but more crude because he's no mechanic (It's big and heavy, to take advantage of his bulk). I'd like for him to be a little less round/saggy, he should have defined muscles (I know Hutts don't technically have a skeleton and muscles), he's a throwback to the warrior Hutts of legendary Varl. I like the expression on his face, quite menacing.

I hope my requests aren't too difficult. Thank you very much!


I’ll have a play with lightsaber axe designs (the first link is broken I think) and I’ll try to make him a bit more muscular. It’s tricky maintaining his Hutt-ness without a little roundness, too thin and he might start looking snake-like rather than slug-like, but I’ll see how far I can push it. 👍


Bo shuda, Asok! Long time no see.

You did two drawings for me in the past, the Gran Sniper, and the Dark Times Cerean Jedi. I was very satisfied with your art, sadly, both campaigns for those characters died too quick. The campaign for the character that JawaStu is working on has been going for more than a year. It's a shame there isn't more activity on this site, y'all are making great art!


Just a quick update. Work on this continues and I’m currently colouring. I’m about 95% done, but that last 5% is a bit of a grind. I’m hoping to get it nailed down this week though 😊🤞