Zeltron Jedi modified by Mad Arkanian Scientist, News at 11! [aenid31]


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I have a character I'm using in a campaign, I thought it would be kind of fun to have a Zeltron Jedi who'd been in cryo-stasis a very long time, that was found by an Arkanian scientist and had lots of damage on a genetic level and when being revived the scientist had to fix her and of course make modifications, because that's what they do. Needless to say they were rather perverse. As it stands she's a tall 5'10" Zeltron, light-colored skin, almost human in tone, with black hair. She's in more or less athletic in build but at the same time voluptuous and gifted as it were. Mostly due to the modifications the Arkanian made. 

She contends with this all the time, and usually has to deal with people sometimes not taking her seriously because she looks like she belongs more in a pornographic insitute, rather than being a jedi knight. It's kind of a comedy bend and all, but I need help to get her drawn. She's got some maori-styled tatoos on her right and left shoulders and a little 'tribal dragon' below her belly button, as well as more black tatooing on her hip.



Nvrmnd, lol. If no reply, I'll take artistic liberty based on 'Zeltron' canon.  :)

I'll take this one.


Dunno if I mentioned it but she uses a saber staff type arrangement with an extra long ish handle >.> But whatever you do is good n.n I'll leave it to you artists folks, I can't draw worth much. I just do metal work n.n