Ryvek Aukra, Zabrak Jedi

Ryvek Aukra, born in 43 BBY on Coruscant, was a male Zabrak Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars. His parents and their only child Ghent had moved from Iridonia to Coruscant to start a new life in the Core Worlds after Ryvek's mother was conceived with him. Being the only force sensitive in the family, Ryvek was promptly discovered by a Jedi delegate a few years into his youth. After being taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant following a sorrowful goodbye, he was soon introduced to the Katarn Clan -- his new family for the time being. Years into his training, Ryvek is continued to be seen as a promising Jedi Padawan while he works his way toward the completion of his trials.


Ryvek has light skin and darker tattoos but of the same color base with an amber iris. As for his attire, he sports a black hooded cape over a traditional brown Jedi tunic. In terms of physical appearance, he's decently built with a medium frame like Darth Maul for example. I've listed some reference pictures below for your convenience, sorry for not being quite descriptive but I'm hoping the pictures will do it some justice. I'm also playing him for a Forum RPG titled Star Wars: Chronicles. (NOTE: The first pictures are not a reference for his attire, rather his facial appearance and horns.)




http://thesaberguild.weebly.com/uploads/1/1/0/5/11056969/1273424_orig.png (NOTE: The undershirt beneath the tunic serves as the color of his slacks. His boots are matte black.)

http://i.imgur.com/1H7k94J.png (NOTE: Lightsaber crystal is blue, but I'd prefer if the weapon was kept clipped to his belt in the picture.)

His utility belt is like any other traditional Jedi one, and if you need anymore information on the commission please do ask. If you take this request into consideration, you have my extreme gratitude. Thanks for reading!




I could take a crack at this, do you mind if I color it, and where do I post it when I finish?


Do you mind if I make him hold a lit light saber, most lightsabers are concieled by Jedi cloaks  so if you want it to be shown I will need to have him holding it, so if You don't mind, left hand or right hand, and  held backwards or held normally?


It would be preferable if he it was held normally and on his right hand, and feel free to post it in the site gallery. Thanks for taking the request, I really appreciate it!