Adorable Swarm of DOOM!!!

If I had written Return of the Jedi, things would have been different...


Is that supposed to be the panda agent from Phineas & Ferb? If so her needs a fedora.

Very funny.. Your cartoons always make me laugh.


The Panda: I once did a panda comic. Probably the only comic I've ever finished (it was, like, 6 pages long).  I recently noticed that the way I drew those pandas was remarkably similiar to the way I draw Ewoks.  So I put in a panda-patterned Ewok as a bit of a joke.  It was mostly a joke for my own amusement, but it turns out that I really appreciated the sentiment, and I told myself so. I was quite humble about the whole thing, but secretly thrilled that I'd noticed.


I must confess to a near limitless expanse of ignorance in regards to Jedi Academy.  But, having just completed a quick google (followed by a search of the interwebs), I now feel the need to explore this literature further.  Let the strain upon my pocketbook weigh heavy on your soul, Lord Crumb!

Lord Crumb

My youngest son is into the Diary of a Whimpy Kid series and he also enjoyed the adventures of Roan Novachez at the Jedi Academy.  I would love to help with the pocketbook but I'm in the same situation in regards to money.


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