Alderaanian Adventurer, Female

An adventurer from Alderaan.


I love your work. Your clothing is spot on. And your characters are real like people, not the modle type. I admire that.

Raving Dork

Why do all your portraits look like existing star wars characters mixed together? This one looks like Princess Leia and Princess Amidala rolled into one. Most of your male characters look like various rolled together combinations of George Lucas, Qui-Gon, Han Solo, Ob-Wan, Luke and others.

Though your artwork is undeniably fantastic, I see very little originality in your human specimens.

Lord Crumb

Excellent artwork. No offense but the does seem to be a hint of a BattleTech style to it.
This a updated version of the female Alderaanian adventurer isn't.


I agree with Raving Dork, but I disagree on the result. It's a GOOD thing to have work that reminds us of Star Wars. It gives us the Star-Warsiness that keeps the characters grounded in that galaxy, and stops the creep of other sci fi genres into Star Wars 'turf'.

Rock on.


I totally agree with dredwulf. Having spoken with LOTS of artist out there, most of them do facial blendings or straight up jack a face from somewhere you don't expect and include it else where. That doesn't make it a bad thing. I think the results, as usual stirzy are phenomenal. I can't wait to see more!



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