Xim The Despot

Xim The Despot

As Xim is based upon Alexander The Great, who began his reign of Macedon at age 20 and his campaign of conquest at age 21, I imagined Xim as a young and arrogant over achiever.


OMG! That is freaking cool! Finally someone steps up to the plate as far as Xim is concerned and hits it out of the ball park!

Great Work Stirzy!


Are you working with Lucasfilm in secret to develop a Xim the Despot novel / comic?


This piece feels like a very different style from your other character drawings. It feels a lot more realistic, like a portrait. Both styles really have their own merits, but I personally am very partial to this one.

It really melds very well with the War Droid too.

I hadn't read the Han Solo books for some time, so I really had no picture of Xim in my mind's eye. I certainly do now!


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