Assault canon!

Playing swtor is pretty much all I get in terms of Star Wars RP at the moment, and while it pales in comparison to a tabletop campaign at least it's something. I put together a Trooper character recently so I can actually do the storyline for it (I've done agent a billion times and really... really need to get through the others ahaha) and I've gotta admit the weapons are fun. :P


Great work, as we've all come to expect.  

If you and yours find yourselves desperate to play some saga edition, I've got room for at least a couple more players. Of course, you'd have to come to the States every other weekend :P

Hablyonus Pense

Well, we DID have a pretty interesting story going on back in 2014, but I lost all my RP notes with my old laptop. I apologize.


We did!! I was enjoying that.

If you ever do feel the inclination to revisit/reinvent it, let me know! If nothing else I should be able to put together a summary of what we did so far, heh.


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