Biituian, Male

A male Biituian.

The Biituians appeared in the feature length 'Droids', 'The Great Heep'.


Stirzy, your work is great as always....but what's with the pose? Most of your guys stand with their hips thrust forward. Something freudian lurking in your subconscious perhaps?


As always, a real pleasure to see your work. Funny how you can pick your work out of the thumbnails! You've got such a strong style!

P.S. Maybe I should try that 'hip-thrust' thing. It would make my guys chests look less girly...


Ha ha! It's supposed to be more of a 'slouch' than a 'thrust', but I see what you mean!


I find amazing all of your work I've seen here. I'll see if I can print some of them for use in my roleplaying sessions. I'll humbly request for Ithorians or Hutts, as I really like them and use them regularly on my games.


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