Nothing is changing.
Nothing is changing, I’m stuck here. I’m stuck here, blind and lost and hopeless. I can’t feel... I can’t feel anything! Anyone! He took it from me, he tore it out of me and now I can’t feel. There is nothing... nothing beyond this, for all I know this is it. Nothing more. Maybe this is death.

It hurts. I’m hungry. I’m lost. I don’t even recognise these hands! These fingers, these flimsy bony skinny pink little fingers, five of them, five on each hand, I don’t know them and I don’t know the face that they touch, I don’t know these hands or this body, I’m hungry—

Get it together!!! You still have your mind. My mind, it’s my own, they can’t take it from me. It’s all I have. He can’t touch it, I won’t let him touch it. Oh, oh, kriff! NO. Focus. Breathe. The Force is still there. It’s still there, connecting everything. Just because I can’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not there. I know it’s there. They can’t take that knowledge from me. They can’t, they can’t... oh, Master. Master. Where are you!?! Can you hear me, can you feel me?




Why am I so fracking cold.

[Soooo, Tusserk spent a fair amount of time stuck in a room in a dead woman's body without his connection to the Force. He started going a little bonkers.]


Very nice love the whole effect. ;)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."


Wow! That totally reminds me of my time in the asyl...uh..this story I heard from a guy who knew a


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