Cerean leader

From a request by IronRaptor. This is one from the group he requested, the leader who was used to the high life before joining an adventure group.

After this I've decided to ink the image before scanning it. Using digital ink was hard for me, I didn't find it as smooth as real ink.


Haha! Reminds me of a picture Drig and I drew a long time ago of a drunk, upperclass Quarren stumbling into his apartment room in the early morning with a champagne glass in hand. We should finish that sometime.



He looks like Anthony Daniels Dressed as a Cerean. Did you use Daniels as your model?


Woo, freckles and all! You go Melbar! LOL

As the requester, this will not be the last time I'll be thanking Batty for a great pic; and he took the entire request too! Thanks, and great work sir!


Tramp, I didn't use anyone for the models. Never saw him in that light though, interesting.


IR, your welcome! Thanks for letting me visualize your group. I just wish they all had the same style lol. each one is going to be a little different from another.