As this year (2011) marks the 20th Anniversary of Heir to the Empire, I thought I'd draw one of those blue guys who first appear in this novel.


I am... utterly in love with the textures in this piece. Seriously, if you don't mind me asking, what program/brushes/etc etc did you use?! I love it. I have no idea how you did it but I love it.


Photoshop or the GIMP using a normal hard round brush. Custom brush for the texture background. Mess around with the colour channels to make it look a bit weird.


Cheers man!

I just love what you've done here. I think it's the background in particular that really tickles my fancy, but the piece as a whole, too... yeah, love it.


Is it possible for me to borrow this picture? I'm in an online, freestyle rpg, and I play a few chiss. This one might be good for my chief medic's uncle, he has the right age (the wrinkles) and a rather kind face :)


Very nice. Love the color and texture work in this piece. :)
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Nice work! My Stirzy screensaver is always starving for fresh Stirzy arts. There are a lot of possibilites: Antarian Rangers, Yuzzems, CorSec Agents... :)


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