Enter: Genesis Squad

Due to the miracle of generosity (and a laptop my brother had sitting around that he wasn't using, mainly due to the fact that it has some pretty powerful battery issues), I CAN CREATE AGAIN!! So the first thing I had to do was finish this piece I started... months ago, now, featuring the characters that star in our current campaign.

We are the most ridiculous bunch of misfits ever to walk the galaxy, but by gum we'll be damned if we're not going to pound some Vong while we're at it!


Tuss this is amazing on so many levels. The colors are perfectly matched to the tone of the piece. Each and every face is very well done and unique. The perspective is awesome. Next level...we have arrived.


Back in action so soon?! Thats awesome, Tuss!

This looks great, love the sketchy lines, expressions & gesture of each figure. The colours on the Gungan... gah!!! So good.


Hahaha, yeah, Hish, some of our players often get profound inspiration from 'whatever happens to be on TV while they're creating their character'. Last time it was Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame!

And yes, Anarchangel, it is most definitely a chainsaw. Heeeh. Our encounters ain't pretty!

I'm by no means out of the technological woods yet, this laptop's only on loan while I save for a new machine, heh, and it's got many of its own little... quirks... but WELL worth it to have my tablet and scanner accessible again! A little inconvenient but I reeeaally can't complain. :D

ALSO thanks alla you guys for the comments! :D Feedback makes the world go round.


Reminds me of a D&D adventuring group. lol Love it. ;)
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