Female Twi'lek Crime Lord - Bella Tendris

A request from bellatendris;
(Bodyguard picture to follow)

Royal blue (and I mean glowing sapphire blue) skin, blue eyes, black tattooed eyebrows, lekku longer than average. Curvacious, running to nicely plump, and very, very feminine. About five six, give or take.

"I went into the bedroom and began to lay out my clothes as well. The skirt needed to hang to let the fabric relax. At the last minute, the few shreds of modesty I had left had invoked themselves and I had added side panels to the long white loincloth. After all, I wanted to look expensive and classy, not expensive and easy. But since I was still Bella Tendris, Twi’lek, the seams were slit well up to my thighs. The wide black soft leather belt was encrusted with sapphires set in a silvery metal in a swirling motif, and the black side panels that I had added were embroidered with gray and white Kushiban silk threads that repeated the motif of the belt. The belt rode low over my hips and glittered with every movement. The fabric swirled lusciously around my ankles with every step.

The halter was the crowning glory of the outfit. Two bands, one of sapphires and one of diamonds, crossed and knotted themselves over the edges of the piece, twining beautifully right in the midst of my cleavage, while the fabric between was black shot through with silver threads, so it shimmered beautifully in the slightest bit of light. There was an impressive silvery chain of diamonds that connected the halter itself to the slave collar I had ordered. This was a masterwork in and of itself. I had wanted a collar made of firegems, but the cost for that had made even me blanch. I hadn’t wanted to fuss with that, so I had settled for sapphires and emeralds interspersed with more of the black crystal that matched the chain he had given me. The wrist cuffs repeated the motif, as did the bands on the slippers that matched. I didn’t want to think about how much this had cost. At least the dress itself had been free- I had just had to pay for the collar, cuffs, and slippers. Even that had made me wince. I proudly wore the chain he had given me wrapped artistically over my lekku, the black crystal drops flashing in the light. (a long smooth silvery chain, with teardrop-shaped black crystal drops every so often)"

Lord Crumb

Absolutely kewl! The rich detail and color is excellent as well as her expression. Keep it up.

-LCT :-)


HOT! beautiful piece. background, character, costume... attention to detail while keeping the "character" of the "character" :) wonderful job!

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