Herg Yassik, Alien Outlaw Tech

Herg Yassik is the alien owner of the 'Bargain Basement Starship Emporium' aptly situated at the base of one of Nar' Shadaa's many dillapidated warehouse blocks.
Most of the old alien's past is shrouded in mystery, but what little that is known is that he has provided excellent starship 'chop-jobs' for the Hutt clans of the Smuggler's Moon. So excellent is the standard of his workmanship, that Herg's docking bays are considered the 'safest in the Corellian Quarter', due to grateful Hutt customers.
Due to a recent bout of ill health (being folded in two by a Stenax bouncer at the Meltdown club), Herg has recently been unable to upgrade starships personally, leaving the job to his collection of highly modified repair droids.
This crafty alien's race is rumoured to be the mercantile *Ajeeri species from Aljusab, but Herg isn't telling...

Medium: Pencil rough, Photoshop colour.


Member since: 2007
Manchester, England