On the Holocomm


"Gejjen in."
"Oh, it's you, Tusserk. Look, I'm really busy right now-"
"Master are you alright!?"
"...why wouldn't I be? Listen, I've got to-"
"Are you sure? Where are you?? I've been so worried about you..."
"Padawan! I told you, I'm fine."
I didn't mean to get as huffy as I did. "Well. Fine. Sure. Whatever. So, next time you plan on getting tortured, or whatever the kriff happened to you, maybe call ahead so I don't nearly crash my ship again?"
This caused him a moment of pause. "You... felt that?"
Every shred of indignance melted out of me. "Of course I did."
"Listen, Tusserk. I'm alright, can you trust me on that? I'm sorry you had to... to share that with me."
"I just had to know you were okay." I hesitated just a moment. "Was it Klopan?"
I think my question caught him a little off guard. "He... no..."
I honestly wasn't sure if I believed him. "But he was there. On Korriban. That's where it happened, right?"
I heard my Master sigh, could imagine him rubbing his forehead with resigned frustration. "Yes, Tusserk. I... I ran into Klopan and Ruttager on Korriban. Things didn't exactly go according to plan, but I'm okay, and so are they. They're... they're here with me."


Very nice clean sketch. I like the shading, the forshortening, and the porportions.

These little windows into your campaign's episodes are fun to piece together.


Neat, dude! He looks every bit the heroic 'dashing swordsman' character. I get the feeling he fancies himself a bit of a lusty vagabond - heck, I'd swoon after him!!


Nice pencils. Only criticism, I think the eyes are a bit too close together, though that might have been intentional (?)


Very not intentional... I appreciate the critique! I'll be the first to admit that I'm very very very NOT well practised at human beings and have a long way yet to go, and knowing what other folk see as slightly 'off' will just give me all the more to keep in mind next time. Thanks Dred!


No prob. I'm glad you are ok with a critical word here and there. I'd hate to offend when not meaning to. I remember something that I was shown once, that seemed to help:

When you get really into a drawing it can hard to be objective...it's like the drawing is linked to you somehow. It was suggested to me to hold the paper up to the light, and turn it around so you are seeing the reverse image. Then it gets divorced from the view you had while creating it.

Harder to do digitally, but you could always use the flip axis function on your program if you don't do your original works on paper. It just lets you see your work from a fresh perspective.


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