Jinta, Nikto Death Cultist

A former M'dweshu Death Cult member on his native planet of Kintan, Jinta K'shenzhu fled that dangerous order long ago. He had been cruelly tricked by the cult heirarchy into fighting his own son to the death. The Nikto learned that night that he didn't have the killer instinct required by the bloodthirsty priests. Faking his own death, Jinta left his homeworld and set out for Hutt Space, hoping to pay a penance for his sin by indenturing himself to the region's greedy rulers. Whilst working as a thrall in a hutt court, Jinta was the subject of a violent Loag knife attack that left him with a deep scar under his neck folds and a healthy respect for that clan of assassins.
Now in his twilight years, Jinta looks forward to a spending his remaining days in peace.

Medium: Pencil rough, Photoshop colour.


Member since: 2007
Manchester, England