The Last Stand of Dorsk 82

Here's my take on the Last Stand of Dorsk 82, from the New Jedi Order series. Dorsk 82 was a clone Jedi, who died on Ando after his ship was blown up.


Out of all the NJO-related "death scenes" you've depicted, I've been waiting for this the most. No, not out of some morbid need of seeing Dorsk 82 get killed, but because I found his death to be one of the most poignant in the entire series, almost as touching as Anakin's or Chewie's death.

Greg Keyes' "Edge of Victory"-books are my two favorite novels in the entire series - aside from Stackpole's excellent "Dark Tide 1&2" - and this particular piece captures the essence of that first chapter. Like all deaths in a war, Dorsk 82's was unnecessary, but this particular piece is not. Unnecessary, I mean.

But I would have liked to see his lightsaber ignited, though. :)


Having read "Leviathan," I always thought of Dorsk 82 as a more pacifist Jedi. He's trying to reason with the Aqualish before resorting to violence.

Plus, there are discrepancies with the color of his blade. I took the easy way out by not igniting it. :)

It was fun mixing the different depictions of the character: "Essential Guide to Characters", Dark Horse's "Leviathan" series, and Dan Veesenmeyer's "Who's Who" illustration.


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